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Excel Tutorials For Beginners

Excel Tutorials for beginners is what Excel For Noobs offers. You may have found us through the search engines, a direct link, or on a video site like Youtube. No matter how you found us, you should be glad you did. Why? Because Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful spreadsheet tool and knowing how to use it is becoming a standard requirement by employers and the business market in general. Why would a company require their employees to know how to use Excel? Well, as we walk you through it and introduce you to our huge directory of Excel tutorials, you won't need an explanation of why you should know how. You will simply realize the power of Microsoft Excel and how it would be nearly impossible for a company to compete without people who know how to use this amazing spreadsheet software. Our website and video tutorials offer very detailed tutorials that cover all the most recent versions of Microsoft Excel. We introduce you to this spreadsheet software in the introduction chapter by walking you through all the most important feature that you must know in order to use Excel. In our introduction we go through a crash course of all the most basic features of Excel so after just the first part of our tutorial program you should already be very familiar with how to use Excel. We then go into detailed tutorials showing you efficient data entry techniques, Different worksheet operations such has hiding worksheets and linking or referring to other worksheets, Cell reference tutorials such as how to refer to cells in a different Excel workbook, Detailed Tables tutorials such as how to build and use an Excel table, Formatting tutorials teaching you how to style your workbook, Detailed formulas and functions tutorial such as how to find functions using the functions library, Charts tutorials suchs as how to create a Gantt Chart in Excel, Graphics tutorials such as how to add a background image in Excel, Conditional formatting tutorials, How to use Excel Templates, How to Print in Excel, and finally we offer many random Excel Tips Tutorials which are published weekly.

NOTE: Most of our Excel tutorials are created using Microsoft Excel 2013 and Microsoft Excel 2010. If you are using a version older that Excel 2007 it is recommended that you upgrade to a newer version as there are many features that are not available with the older versions.

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